6 Top Trending Shoes For Men In 2022

Fashion trends are subject to change every year, and certain shoe styles remain in the competition each year with a huge number of buyers. To look at the current trends, you need to check for plain shoes and shoes with logos, graphic designs and vibrant colors. The styles vary for each season, and you can check for elements that keep you fresh and cool. Especially for summer, you can choose subtle colors and minimal prints to appear fashionable.

If you are interested to know in detail about the top trending shoes for men, continue to read below.


Oxford shoes are known for shoes with a small heel, round toe and closed lacing. It is a versatile shoe you can wear for any occasion, and it is a must shoe in every men’s wardrobe. Oxford shoes are the top trending shoes for men that help them to bring the best style. To complement your work attire, you can match your business outfit with oxford shoes. You can also opt for these shoes for causal and daily routine. You can pick any jeans and a tee for formal and casual looks to appear handsome. Pick a pair of oxford shoes in darker shades so they can be used for most of your semi-casual outfits.


Loafers are the next best option for men who want to dress up in the latest style. Loafers are made of various materials such as leather, suede and artificial fibers. Especially, the artificial fabrics that are used in the production of loafers can enhance breathability and provide a coziness and smooth shoe-wearing experience.

The recent trends of loafer come with the tassels and fringes that reflect current fashion 2022. You can prefer a thick-soled loafer during the winter season, and check out the pointed toe designs with polka patterns for the hot-selling shoes. Loafers can be well paired with trousers, suits, and jeans for various occasions, and you will cherish the entire look if you choose dark shades that can act as multipurpose shoes.


Lace-up boots never go out of trend, and it is one of the most durable shoes for rough weather. Also, to do activities like hiking, mountain climbing, to walk on non-smooth roads, you need the appropriate shoe with hard soles to keep you comfortable. The boots are available in suede material, patent leather, and matte leather that provide better support, and they can hold your ankles and leg while you do trekking activities. These boots offer great strength and are the most durable ones and ideal for winter and fall seasons.

Moreover, you can choose Chelsea boots and pair them with your jeans and trousers. You can also go for laced up and small heel boots for a smooth outdoor experience. Also, for a classic option, you can choose black boots, and they will be constantly in a fashion that goes with any kind of outfit. On the other hand, if you opt for black boots, you can easily pair them with sweatpants and jeans for an elegant business look.


If you are looking for men’s casual shoes, then slip-ons are the best choice. These top trending shoes for men are made of various materials, from natural leather to artificial fabrics. The slip-on can be well paired with jeans, pants, and trousers. These shoes are similar to loafers and can fit into the business dress code. The slip-on shoes have various color options such as beige, brown, black, green, yellow and blue. To go trends with the latest fashion, you can prefer shoes with laces or a zipper with a slider.


The patent leather shoes are now in trend, and you can either prefer lacquered or matte shoes. These shoe models have the perfect finish to elevate your look. These leather shoes come in a combination of various contrasting colors such as black with maroon, brown with green, etc. If you are looking for a subtle yet elegant shoe, you can opt for brown and coffee shades to compliment your style. Leather shoes can be paired with trousers, pants and suits for a complete business look.


Not only every man should own a pair of sports shoes, but also it needs to be in trend to appear classy. Sports shoes are one of the top trending shoes for men since it is available in brilliant designs and colors that can be matched with a variety of outfits. During cold weather, you can choose waterproofed materials such as rubber soles and eco-leather materials for extra protection. Moreover, sports shoes are well known for their comfort and effortless quality. No wonder you can prefer these shoes for your leisure activities and it is a highly versatile shoes.


To conclude- it is always good to dress up according to the trend, and shoes are no exception. You can get the most versatile top trending shoes for men to save your time and energy. Most importantly, it is essential to match your outfits with the shoes for any occasion. When it comes to men’s work shoes, you need to look for durable material and coziness. Also, go for darker shades to fit most of your outfits and if you are seeking a funkier look, check out the vibrant colors that are available in the market. So it is time to check your shoe wardrobe to pull off your style in the latest fashion.

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