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Dear Bruno Marc Followers,

Bruno Marc’s new arrivals of 2021 will be available soon. Do you wanna try our new products? Now we are eagerly recruiting the Chief Experience Officer. You will experience our new shoes free as soon as possible. We sincerely invite you to join us, share your feeling of wearing with your friends and followers, and jointly improve Bruno Marc’s products and services.

The following comfortable and versatile loafers are new products that will be available on market soon. The name of these shoes is BREEZE. These shoes look simple and stylish, which combine your passion for comfort, quality, fashion and reflects your attitude towards life. They give you confidence that you can embark on a new adventure every day. Bruno Marc is committed to making BREEZE the most comfortable and versatile shoes on the market. From the beach to the city streets, east coast to west, Breeze is your best choice match for whatever journey you putting them on.

These casual slip-on loafers constructed with leading-edge tech., SPACEWALK TECH, let you experience the ultimate comfort while walking. Our insoles are made of cork and EVA, delivering good breathability and high cushioning. The following picture is the cushioning effect of our experimental test. Is it unbelievable? (Click the picture to watch our experimental test in detail). In order to let our customers have a better wearing experience, we have also prepared spare shoelaces and insoles, and perfectly solves your worries.

Follow our Instagram account immediately (brunomarcshoes), we prepare 400 pairs of free shoes for our followers. The final Chief Experience Officer will be selected on and before Mar.30th and we will get in touch with you through Bruno Marc account. The shoes will be delivered to you in April. Wanna have a pair of BREEZE right away? What are you waiting for? Follow us immediately.


This activity is authentic and valid. Top Glory Trading Group reserves the final interpretation of this activity. If you have any questions, you can communicate with us through Instagram.



I was thinking of doing a whole series on Facebook about your boots and YouTube nobody seems to really review them and I think your boots are very stylish I have two pairs now and they are crazy comfortable I really was surprised I put them on and felt like they were already broken in I wore my first here for a month and then I bought classy the New York Chelsea boot really awesome but they’re sort of classy dress up boo so I bought a pair of the motorcycle military boots and I am so impressed. Would really like to get another chair the military combat motorcycle boots and do a review for people cuz these are amazing boots for the price I mean I’m very impressed and they are super comfortable. I have neuropathy so I have issues with a lot of boots and I put these on and walked around all day right out of the box and had no Pro my feet feel great let me know if you’re interested I think doing full reviews and real wearing them would really make a big difference in sales sub your boots also would really like a pair of those loafer lace-up sneaker shoes they look amazing
Garett B Bodel April 08, 2021

Major finding with one pair of slip ons is when I washed them in the machine and dryer, they shrunk and lost the original comfortable feeling.
They became unwearable.

Richard Merna March 28, 2021

Wow, I have watched the video about the shoes, it’s so amazing. I really love it and wanna get new arrivals as soon as possible. I want to be your chief experience officer.

Jack William March 21, 2021

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