Fashion Guide on How to Wear a Grey Suit with your Brown Shoes

Did you know that you can effortlessly pull off your business casual look by pairing a grey suit with brown shoes? Not only you can elevate your look, but also you can make your style more interesting. If you are curious to know about how to style your grey suit, read below.

If you are aiming for a versatile suit color that can be worn on several occasions, you can instantly go with the grey suit. Moreover, men's shoes are mostly made of leather so they can be worn in formal and informal styles; lace-ups and oxford derby are a few of the formal shoe styles, whereas Chelsea boots and monk straps are the informal shoe types. Check out the styles that can be created with Grey suits and brown shoes below.  

Dark Grey Suit With Brown Shoes

For a classier look, you can pair your dark grey suit with brown shoes and remember that you can go for darker shades for fun events. Dark grey suit brown shoes are the right pair as you move to the more formal side. Dark brown shades are classy and elegant, whereas the burgundy browns are exceptionally flair and make you overdressed. Furthermore, you can wear a grey suit brown shoes for wedding with a party dress, and it is worn during winter/autumn evening events. Moreover, you can wear a dark grey suit with brown shoes for date nights, catching a movie with a friend. Remember, you can opt for this pair to appear dressy but not subtle.


Light Grey Suit with brown shoes

Light grey with brown shoes is an excellent combo for the summer, and it looks great when the suit is made of linen. You go with bold shades like tan with a light grey suit. In addition to this, you can wear a light grey suit brown shoes for summer weddings with a nice patterned shirt. Moreover, you can wear this suit with floral shirts and casual lunch events, golfing, summer daytime events and beach weddings.

Mild Grey with Brown Shoes

Matching your mild grey with brown shoes is a powerful combination in your style game. Grey suit brown shoes are the best choice for your informal occasions since it creates a casual look, and the grey suit can go well with both light and dark shoes. You can wear this combo during summer and spring occasions. Moreover, you can wear the grey suit brown shoes for evening events, coffee dates, weddings and also fashion events.

Styling Tips For Pairing the Grey suit with Brown shoes

  • Consider the fit while choosing the shoes to pair with suits since the current fashion trend goes with a low rise, but you can also wear the suit with relaxed cuts.
  • Tailored suits are also a great option, and you can get your perfect fit for the best possible look.
  • When the grey suit is paired with brown shoes, it looks absolutely fantastic since these two colors work better together and create a new monochrome statement.
  • You can go with the lighter shades of grey for getting a summer vibe, but there is also the chance of creating a wedding look.
  • Tone down the shoe color so that it gets in sync with the suit since the darker the brown makes your look flashy.
  • You can wear patterned grey suits to enjoy the look but do not go overboard and balance the shirt, shoe, or tie for an extraordinary style.
  • The grey suit brown shoe look can be worn throughout the seasons, but in specific, you can wear the light grey suit during the summer and spring seasons.
  • You can add accessories such as a belt and watch to match your overall look. For the watch, you can either go for a metallic band or bracers to complement the brown shades.

Tips on choosing a vest, shirt, tie and socks for a grey suit

Vest - You can choose a high-quality vest to wear under your suit, and if you like to go for a separate suit vest, go with the closest color to your suit to look charming. If you are looking to go with the contrasting colors, be careful to pick the right colors that go with your suit shoe combo.

Shirt - You can absolutely wear a classic white shirt to look impressive, and the light patterns work well with your suit, but you need to balance your overall look. And choosing a dark shirt is not advisable to wear with your grey suit brown shoes. But the dark burgundy shades work well with a mild grey suit.

Tie - Dark shade ties work great with a grey suit for a casual look, but as a classic choice option, we suggest you get a blue tie to match your overall look. Navy is the absolute winner, and you can also go for deeper yellow shades and oranges but ensure it matches with your shoe undertones.

Socks - You can wear loud print socks in color such as Neon green, or purple to have fun and show off your cool look.

Things to keep in mind while pairing a grey suit with brown shoes

  • Don't go overboard with patterns and styles since you are already combining two different colors, such as grey and brown, therefore you don't need a bright shirt or vibrant tie to look stylish.
  • When in doubt, pick oxford shoes for a formal look and keep the other shoe styles for different outfit choices.
  • Never go for a black shirt to pair with this grey suit brown shoe combo, and the same goes with the turtleneck shirt.

Final words

A Grey suit paired with brown shoes adds more interest to the look, and it can be a versatile option for various venues, but it needs to be properly styled. The grey suit and brown shoes are the real winners, therefore why don't you give them a try? If the pair doesn't exist in your wardrobe, explore the internet to grab one soon!!

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