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Shoes That Can Do Both

How can a sneaker be oxford and how can an oxford be a sneaker. The answer is all in the insoles. While the upper is classic Oxford style with a lace-up design and handmade stitching design, the lower is everything you love about a sneaker without the looks. A comfortable leather-covered insole for all-day comfort and lightweight/durable EVA outsole for good shock absorption.

Casual Chic

Feel comfortable and casual while looking your best. It’s casual wear that savors all the things you love about being casual with everything you love about being formal. Casual Oxfords are the perfect middleman to settle any inner dispute on what might go with what outfit. Our casual Oxford shoes elevates any look beyond the spear of just looking casual. It’s time to bask in the feel of Casual.

Creative Freedom

Most importantly, our casual Oxfords give you creative freedom to choose your look without sacrificing. Don’t sacrifice comfort. Why should yu have to? Why shouldn’t your shoes be as comfortable as formal wear as they are as casual wear. We don’t believe that casual shoes should men non-formal attire and vice-versa. Here we do both.