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Wing It

No, seriously wing it. Pick up a pair of Wingtip Oxford Shoes on a whim and create a better place for yourself. Our Wingtip Dress Shoes are made to be spontaneous. They flow easily through different outfits, seasons, and events. They are the ultimate decision and it can’t be made in advance. You’ve stumbled on this page for a reason? It’s time to wing it.

Fine And Comfortable

Our lace-up design, indestructible insoles, and durable outsoles are the very definition of fine and comfortable. There’s something about the quality of your shoes that can’t be negotiated. Everything in regard to fine detailing in our Men’s Wingtip Boots is a part of that process. We choose designs that are high-quality, modern, and comfortable.

Be Flexible

It’s time to get flexible and you’ll feel more flexible than you’ve ever felt in our winged tipped shoes. They are comfortable, cute, and organized. They adapt to any environment or event. Need an outfit for a date? Or maybe for the office? Our winged tipped shoes are designed to be flexible so that’s okay. 

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