With the will and passion to create kind of accessible fashion, Brian Cao, the founder and CEO of Top Glory Trading Group, started his career together with three of his pals in a warehouse located in New York in 2013, aiming at providing affordable and trendy footwear for the public.

It has been 7 years till now, all our items have been manufactured by the original intention, which differentiates us from other fashion brands in the market.
As time goes by, the enterprise grows rapidly. We now have more than 100 employees all around the world. We have the office and warehouse located in New Jersey, the operation center and factory in China. This is a short story about a young growing shoe brand.

Bruno Marc is one of brands of Top Glory Trading Group. Its goal is to improve the gentleman's wearing taste and provide each gentleman with quality shoes.
Why choose us: Bruno Marc has a vast collection that covers leather shoes, loafers, chukkas, Chelsea boots, sneakers, etc. Bruno Marc does our best to bring shoppers the quality shoes.

√ Bruno Marc will offer shoppers a chance to buy what they want. They could get a pair of quality, good looking branded shoes at a reasonable price.
√ Bruno Marc provides shoppers with an opportunity to put on fashionable shoes that match their personality and show the taste of each gentleman.
√ Bruno Marc cares for shopper's shopping and the whole wearing experience. We aim to provide the best shopping experience.